If you asked me ten years ago where I thought my life would take me, I would never have guessed Morgantown, WV.

Young marketing professional, Shannon, and her boyfriend tailgating at a WVU football game near Milan Puskar stadium.

Tailgating a WVU football game!

Growing up in a south suburb of Chicago, IL the east coast was a mystery to me until the company my Dad works for relocated his position and as a family we moved to northeastern PA. Moving during high school was not ideal but looking back I am humbled by the experience. As a family we grew closer and as a young woman, I grew into my own.


Celebrating Thanksgiving 2016.

With confidence, optimism, and the willingness to fail in order to succeed, I began to take advantage of every opportunity at my disposal and if there wasn’t one, I made one. It is exactly those opportunities that helped me get to where I am today.

As a undergraduate public relations student at West Virginia University in the Reed College of Media I held several internships including B104 Promotions Intern, WVU Arts & Entertainment Guest Services Intern, WVU New Student Orientation Leader, Health Sciences and Technology Academy Research Director and Watts Mining Museum Public Relations Intern.

Following my graduation in 2014 I worked as a customer service account manager until I was offered a junior account manager position at BlaineTurner Advertising (BTA) in Morgantown. In my role at BTA I was exposed to the world of digital advertising and was sold. In addition, working at a B2B agency quickly made me realize not everyone speaks the language of marketing and it is important to prove the value of marketing to a business in financial terms. This realization lead me to further my education with my a masters degree in Data Marketing Communications (DMC).

Although I chose to end my full-time employment with BTA in order to focus on obtaining the masters degree, I worked part-time as the digital marketing manager with The Tea Shoppe, a local specialty shop and cafe, and was able to directly apply all that I am learned in my classes.

The DMC program and the opportunity I created with The Tea Shoppe was monumental in my career growth. Not only did I learn how to be strategic in my marketing endeavors but also I realized I know a lot more than I thought I did. My confidence in my abilities has been tremendously reinforced.

In December 2017 I completed the DMC program and accepted a full-time position with The Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment at WVU. I look at this position as a great place for growth. I have a challenge in front of me and I am excited to overcome it!