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Prioritizing Curated Content

In my current position there’s not only the content from at least 225 graduate programs to share, but also there’s the content from campus departments/resources, student organizations, external professional organizations, news outlets, etc. It’s exhausting thinking of all the possible sources of relevant information to share.


A larger marketing team may warrant the time to scour the various sources to find the right content to share but with a team of two, that is just not practical. We are also not in a position to create program specific content, therefore we need to make use of the content available. Why reinvent the wheel?

megaphone-147176_960_720A colleague of mine came up with a solution. A weekly email sent to individuals within admissions teams across campus asking for content to share, AKA the Call for Content.

The Call for Content is now an online WuFoo form that admissions team members are encouraged to bookmark to send the graduate admissions office timely news and updates. The form asks the submitter to include the following information:

  • Name(s) of the graduate program
  • Name(s) of graduate level alumni/students/faculty
  • Link to media release published to a college/school blog or website
  • Link to a news media website or social media property if the story was picked-up
  • Short description of why this is important to perspective sudents
  • Associated images / videos

Each submission is emailed to me in real-time. I then update a social media calendar that my graduate assistant references when scheduling posts per our content distribution plan.

Now, searching all those sources (think: college/school blogs/websites, daily or weekly eNewsletters, department websites, campus and local news outlets, etc.) is made simple because the most important news or update, according to the submitter, is offered directly. This eliminates the total amount of time spent finding the curated content. It also eliminates the guessing game (does this apply to graduate school, does this faculty member teach at the graduate level.. etc.).

By allowing the program itself to prioritize the content shared on the graduate admissions social media properties, we are still able to provide distribution platforms for the programs while not allowing the extensive amount of content take over our obligation to provide admission and application information to interested students.

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